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Aunt Adele's Medicine Story

                                                                   The Aunt Adele’s Medicine Story
                                    A true story regarding my aunt Adele that took place in the late 1990’s
                                                                                  Written 2015
                                                                      Rewritten 2/4/2016 unedited   
                                                                                Howard Yasgar

      My aunt Adele was one of the sweetest people you could ever want to meet.
      Adele, was one of three sisters, my mother being the oldest, and my aunt Lillian being the youngest.
      Aunt Adele was the middle sister and when she married Jimmy Nelson, they had a son named Allen.
Allen was born around 1940 and was about a year younger than me.    
      As I was growing up, in New Haven Connecticut, I would see Allen’s mom, my aunt Adele, quite often and I my conversations with her were always fairly normal much as any conversation a young boy has with an aunt.
      As the years passed, by 1964 I had married and moved from New Haven to Hialeah Florida to assist a friend in running an automotive scrap yard.
      My father had passed away in 1961 and by 1962, my mother had leased and was managing a small 24 room hotel located on Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.
      After two years, my mother decided to give up the hotel business, and all three, now widowed sisters, moved in together, living in a condo on Miami Beach.
      My Aunt Adele had won the Connecticut million dollar lottery and was receiving $700.00 a week for 20 years. (See the Aunt Adele and the Lottery Story).
      Because I lived fairly close to them, I came to see them whenever I could.
      By the mid 1990’s, Aunt Lillian had moved back up north and my mother and my aunt Adele had each rented their own rooms in the Cadillac Hotel on Miami Beach.
      My mother kept busy doing exhibition dancing, and my Aunt Adele met a retired electrician from New York named Al, and eventually she moved in with Al, they both lived together, first renting a room in the Casa Blanca Hotel and later in the Sherry Frontenac, both nice hotels on Miami Beach.
      While my aunt Adele appeared to be very happy living with Al, who incidentally was a very nice guy with an independent income, I began to notice that her conversational ability was declining.
      Any time I spoke with Adele, our conversation was limited to only a few words. I would say, Hello Aunt Adele, and she would reply, “Hello”, then I would say, how are you and she would reply “Fine dear”, and that was the total extent of the conversation. It got to the point that we thought Aunt Adele was just a woman of few words.      
      Now, in the meantime, Adele’s son Allen, had received a doctorate degree and went on to teach at
The University of Colorado. In Colorado he married and built a solar home in the mountains.
      Then Allen and his wife Diana, started sailing on the lakes in Colorado and after honing their sailing skills, they said that they eventually wanted to buy a much larger sailboat and cruise the Caribbean.
      My wife and I had moved to a townhouse condominium in Miami, so whenever Allen and his wife came to Florida to see his mom, they would stay with us.
      Eventually they did buy a large fifty foot Gulf-star sailboat, and started cruising the Caribbean, so we got to see them whenever they had to stay overnight in Miami.
      Whenever Allen and Diana were in Miami, they also got to visit with Allen’s Mom who was living with Al, on Miami Beach.   
      After each voyage Allen and his wife would usually come to see us in Miami as they were waiting for their pets to clear customs, and sometimes we would all go to see Allen’s mom.
      On evening, we were all in Aunt Adele and Al’s room, and we all couldn’t help but notice that she had at least thirty assorted prescription pill bottles on her night stand.
      I saw that Allen had noticed the pill bottles also, and he was looking at them.
      Allen said, “Mom, what are all these medications you are taking?” Adele replied, “I don’t know dear,” It appears that over the past forty years her various Medicare and Medicaid doctors had prescribed them for various maladies she had at the time.  Allen picked up a few bottles and tried to read them, “Which doctor prescribed this?” again Adele said “I don’t know dear I have Medicare”.
      Allen read the doctor’s name on the bottle, he was from New Haven Connecticut, Adele, hadn’t been there in many years.
      So on his next trip to Miami, Allen made an entire list of Adele’s medications, and made an appointment with her Medicare doctor.
      At the meeting, Allen said, “I would like to know what all these medications are for”. The doctor looked at Allen, and said “Who are you”.  
       Allen replied, “I am your patient Adele’s son, and I want to know what all these medications my mother is taking are for, because it appears that she has been taking some of them for over forty years”. The doctor, now irritated with Allen, said, “Are you a doctor?” Allen detecting that the doctor was irritated, saw his chance of irritating him a little more and said, “Yes as a matter of fact I am a doctor, he wasn’t lying he had a doctorate degree. The doctor replied, “But you are not a medical doctor?” “No”, Allen replied.
      Allen left the doctor with the list, and as he expected, that was the last he ever heard from the Medicare doctor.
      A few months later, when Allen was in Miami again, this time he took each medication and researched it on the internet. Just as he expected most of the medications were for illnesses his mother no longer had.
      I think everyone can guess what came next, Allen eliminated about eighty percent of all the old medications.
     One evening, when Allen and his wife Diana were in Miami, we all went to visit his mother Adele who had just had minor surgery and was recuperating in a nursing home.
     My wife and I were astounded, Adele, who was now taking just a few medications was talking to us about everything including world events. Due to my cousin Allen’s diligence, My Aunt Adele had complete mental clarity for the rest of her life.




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