Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The "Is Someone Listening" Story

                                                                   The  "Is Someone Listening" Story

                                                               A true miracle and how it happened
                                                    Written 9/2015 and rewritten 02/2016 unedited
                                                                              Howard Yasgar

       In 1958, when I was nineteen years old, I was living in Westville Connecticut, and I had a very close friend named Jon.
      Jon lived about 20 miles up the road from me in Bethany Connecticut.
      Both Jon and I were car enthusiasts and got along well together, Jon had a liking for the 1957 Ford hot rods that were built for the Connecticut State Police. He had one and we would go to upstate New York, stopping at road houses to take on anyone that wanted to race.
       On day, Jon came to see me and told me that he was getting married. It was quite a shock as I realized I was now losing my good racing buddy.
       After Jon married, I tried to go and see him a couple of times but I detected that Jon’s wife didn’t appreciate him associating with his unmarried former old racing buddies.
       Time passed quickly, and for me, the army came and went, and then in 1963 I moved to Miami Florida.
      By 1963, I had pretty much had lost track of my old friend Jon, but I never forgot about him, so over the next 52 years, whenever I happened to think about Jon, I would punch his name into Google, but it appeared my friend Jon had simply disappeared off the grid, I hoped Jon hadn’t died, so I never gave up looking.
      Over those 52 years I faxed a few people that had the same name, and I sent e-mails to perhaps a dozen more, but with no luck, so by the year 2015 I had pretty much come to the realization I wasn’t ever going to find my old friend Jon.  
      Then a strange thing happened, Out of the blue, I received a Facebook inquiry from a lady in Canada who I had met more than fifty years before. She reminded me that she had known Jon, and best of all she knew Jon’s middle name and she said that she thought Jon had moved to Texas.
      Well that narrowed the field down, it also got my wife interested in helping me to find Jon.
      My wife sat down with her computer, and by using Jon’s first, middle and last name she hoped that by triangulation we would find him, but she didn’t find him. What she did find was a divorce recorded in Texas and Jon’s former wife’s phone number was there.
      My wife asked me if I wanted to call Jon’s ex-wife, but I hesitated, the last thing I wanted was to hear a tirade of bad things from a vindictive former wife.
       Eventually I couldn’t help myself and I called his former wife’s phone number. Luckily her new husband answered, and he listened to my story. He said that he had no idea of how to reach Jon, but he said he had a phone number of a relative that I could try.
      The next day was Sunday, and at eleven in the morning, I called the phone number, but sadly it was some ones answering machine so I left a message.
       We returned from doing our errands around three in the afternoon and there was a message on my wife’s cell phone.
       I returned the call, and low and behold after fifty two years it was Jon. So we must have talked for half an hour. Jon said that he had no computer or cell phone so that might be why it was so hard to find him.
      Then Jon said, “I can’t believe that you called me today, I know it’s been over fifty years, since we last saw each other, but every morning when I wake up I always say a little prayer, and this morning I mentioned in my prayer the names of two of my neighbor friends here in Texas, but for some unknown crazy reason I mentioned your name also.
      Jon paused, and I said, do you think someone’s listening?



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