Monday, October 12, 2015

The Hearing Problem Story


                                                                    The Hearing Problem Story
                                                                 Told by Mari Diaz Miami Florida
                                                                     Written by Howard Yasgar

      One day, Mari remembered that she had to get something at a local drug store, she didn’t have very much time left on her lunch break, but she went there anyway.
       As she nervously stood in the checkout line watching the clock, she overheard an ongoing argument from the first lady in the line. The lady had a young boy with her that was giving her a hard time, he wanted potato chips and his mother didn’t want him to have them. They were arguing about it back and forth for quite a while.
        This went on for a long time as Mari and the other people patiently waited in the line. Then Mari said to the lady, “Have you had a doctor check his hearing?  The lady replied, “Why do you ask”?   I am asking because he obviously does not hear a word you are saying to him”. “Why don’t you mind your own business the lady said,”  “It is my business Mari replied, I’m going to be late for work”.  

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