Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Florida Salmon Fishing Story

                                                        The Florida Salmon Fishing Story
                                              A true story of how I tried to fool Knut Barth   
                                        Written 11/16/2015 and Rewritten 1/2016 unedited
                                                                     Howard Yasgar

       I had a very dear Norwegian friend named Knut Barth he was an avid Salmon fisherman. Knut spoke over 34 languages. He said he spoke more languages, but not fluently.  Knut was the vice president of General Motors Military Division, and by the time I met him, he said that he had traveled to every country in the world except Outer Mongolia. By the time I met him, he was already semi- retired, but he was still traveling around the world to fish for salmon.
      One day in June of 2000, we were shopping in a local Winn Dixie supermarket in Key Largo Florida.
I stopped at the seafood department, they were having a special sale. They were selling fresh whole Chilean Salmon for $2.99 per lb.  Each Chilean farm raised salmon was flown in its own Styrofoam container. We couldn’t believe how cheap it was.
      I had a terrific idea for a gag that I could play on my friend Knut. Everyone knew that Salmon was a cold water fish and not found in Florida, so I purchased one whole 20 lb. fresh Salmon.
       That afternoon I posed for my wife, she took pictures of me fishing in the canal behind our house
On Plantation Key. I had purposely put a heavy weight on my fishing line so it would look like I was fighting a big fish, then I proudly stood on the dock with my fishing rod in one hand and the 20 lb. Salmon in the other hand. And I had a big smile on, like I had just that moment caught the fish in the canal behind our house.
      We sent the pictures off to my friend Knut Barth in Michigan, who called us up as soon as he received them.  “Nice Chilean farm raised Salmon”, Knute said. Not exactly what I had expected to hear from him.   I said, how did you know it was a farm raised Salmon. Knut said, “All Chilean farm raised Salmon have clipped tails, they do it to make the fish less powerful. As soon as you hook a Salmon in Chile you can tell if it is wild or if it was an escaped farm raised fish, you can feel the way it fights.”
      Well, I couldn’t fool Knut, my gag had backfired, but we did cook and eat the fish.             


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