Friday, March 11, 2016

The Hotsigo Story

                                                                      The Hotsigo Story 
                                                     A true story told to me by Barney Kaplan
                                           Written 09/2012 and rewritten 02/07/2016 unedited
                                                                         Howard Yasgar

     This true story was related to me by my dear friend Barney Kaplan, who passed away at 96 years of age in 2015.  
     Barney said that when he was young, his father who was a European immigrant who spoke broken English, had a booth at a local farmers market in Detroit, where he sold whatever fruit or vegetable was in season at the time.
     Barney would be enlisted by his dad to help him selling at the booth.
     Early one Sunday morning Barney went with his father to the farmers market, his father’s pickup truck was loaded with melons that Barney had never seen before. His father told him that they were Hotsigo melons.
     It was about 6 in the morning and Barney was given instructions by his dad to sell the Hotsigo melons. So all day Barney stood there yelling “Hotsigo melons”, “Sweet Hotsigo melons”.
     By 6 in the evening Barney had sold all the melons.
     As they started to drive home, Barney saw a booth with a big sign “Hearts of Gold Melons for Sale

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