Friday, March 11, 2016

The Pickled Cows Tongue Story

                                                             The Pickled Cows Tongue Story
                                                         A story told to me by Barney Kaplan
                                           Written 09/2012 and rewritten 02/07/2016 unedited

This story was related to me by my dear friend Barney Kaplan who passed away at 96 years of age in 2015.  I think the story is more in the order of a joke.  

      Barney said that as his immigrant father’s business grew he had a fish market selling concession within a larger market in Detroit. His father also sold other select items like pickled cows tongue, which was left marinating in a wooden barrel by the counter.
      A female customer came in and asked for a pickled tongue, so Barney’s father reached into the barrel and there was only one tongue left, so he put it on the scale, and it weighed 2-3/4 lbs.
      The customer was disappointed, she said she wanted at least 3 lbs.  So she asked if he had a larger one.
      He put the tongue back into the barrel and then lifted it out again. This time he pressed his finger on the scale and it weighed exactly 3 lbs.
      Good the lady said, I will take both of them.

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